Derek Bissonnette

Lead Sales Agent

Derek Bissonnette: The Master of Sales, Laughter, and leadership Derek Bissonnette, the illustrious lead agent for Team Bissonnette, is not your average real estate aficionado – he’s the boss’ boss, … Read more

James McCune

Buyer Rep/Investment Expert

James McCune: The Real Estate Wunderkind with More Properties Than Friends (Just Kidding, He Has Lots of Both) Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the epic saga of … Read more

Yash Dev

Residential Sales Representative

Yash Dev: The Calculated Brainiac with a Heart of Gold (and a YouTube Channel to Die For… or From) Meet Yash Dev, the Einstein of sales, the maestro of calculations, … Read more

Stephanie Richards

Client Care Coordinator

Stephanie Richards: The Client Care Dynamo with a Heart of Gold (and a mountain of paperwork) Hold onto your hats, folks, because Stephanie Richards is not your average client care … Read more