Derek Bissonnette

Lead Sales Agent

Derek Bissonnette: The Master of Sales, Laughter, and leadership

Derek Bissonnette, the illustrious lead agent for Team Bissonnette, is not your average real estate aficionado – he’s the boss’ boss, the one everyone loves but is scared of. Not sure why. Derek has success in sales with a dash of humor and a past as colorful as his property listings. The awards stacked up like sold properties for Team Bissonnette, snagging the Directors Platinum Award for Sales in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020, skipping a few to receive the Red Diamond Award in 2021, and topping it off with Executive Circle in 2022. At this point they are going to start making up awards for this guy.

Depending who you asked, before Derek became the maestro of real estate, he either waltzed through the realms of management and sales with the finesse of a conductor leading a symphony, or like that of a charging bull in a fine china store. His first act took place at Galaxy Cinemas, where he served as a Management Assistant and Corporate Trainer for three years. Legend has it, his training sessions were so epic that immediately after, popcorn sales grew 10x.

However, the allure of the road called, and Derek switched gears to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, managing fleets and spreading his charm throughout Eastern Ontario. If cars could talk, they’d probably share tales of Derek turning routine rentals into comedy shows on wheels.

But Derek’s journey wasn’t confined to Enterprise; he wanted to elevate his career to new heights, quite literally. He wanted to take “We Pick You Up” to a new level. So, he traded sedans for stretch limos and opened his own limousine company. For five glorious years, Derek chauffeured clients in style, probably telling them jokes that made even the fanciest champagne spray out of their noses in laughter.

As the limo business became a staple of luxury in the community, Derek, the master of reinvention, decided it was time for a change of pace. Seeking stability without sacrificing his knack for service, he sold the limo business and took the real estate stage by storm, joining the esteemed ranks of Royal LePage.

Now, at the helm of Team Bissonnette, Derek combines his seasoned expertise in management and sales with a touch of humor that makes real estate transactions as enjoyable as a limo ride through the city. The awards speak volumes, but Derek’s journey from cinemas to limos to the forefront of real estate is a tale that resonates with success, laughter, and the art of the deal.

Here’s to Derek Bissonnette – the lead agent extraordinaire, the award magnet, and the guy who can turn every property listing into a showstopper. Team Bissonnette, you’re not just in the real estate business; you’re in the business of making history with Derek as your maestro.